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Soooo --- what do we need to do to stabilize the economy???

It's no doubt a very complex situation, but my continued thoughts for many years are that we must reverse our approach.  Instead of bigger is better, let's get out of denial and realize that it's small business that is the foundation of our country.  It's the individual worker that makes the machine work.  Big business means craziness, such as a "customer service" line that is anything but. . . . In fact, ask your self what you feel in the pit of your stomach when you need to call a large company's customer service line.  Isn't it a sinking feeling with a sense of wondering if you can stand up to the harrassment and indignity they project?

So in general, trickle down economics doesn't work because insufficient resources trickle down to nourish the foundation, much like a plant that the leaves take all the water and nothing makes it to the soil to supply the root system with it's basic  needs.  Why don't we try something different-- I'm suggesting TRICKLE UP ECONOMICS.  Now that's a change!!!

So what would that look like? Total change of focus.  Support the individual and treating people right vs. a profit big business focus.  Regulations, where needed to keep that focus, that are based on the good for all and a sense that we much look at how one hole sinks the boat and we are ALL in the same boat. 

We are managing the credit situation by crisis management.  That's fine.  Let Shelia Blair (sp?) and similar good folks work on that--- but we need to look forward so we can "get ahead of the 8-ball" and return to management by objective--not by crisis.  So the leading edge or point of power to prevent accelerating damage now is JOBS JOBS JOBS.  That's what it will take or who would buy a home anyway?  Or who will buy much of anything, for that matter, if they are out of work?  We are about to experience a wildfire in that area next.  Many see it coming.  Can we connect and work well enough together to minimize rather than accelerate our damage and demise?

We need the future focus; it is a necessary, though not sufficient, characteristic for recovery and the sooner we get there, the sooner people will realize that living beyond your means is not going to work, that agreeing to home payments that are less that they will migrate to in several years isn't healthy, and on and on.  Think about it.  If the lending/ financial/ govermental systems had  been future focused, instead of alloting a $700 Billion dollar fund to "rescue-- whatever.. . . ." that will probably turn out to be too little too late, we could have alloted a fraction of that to purchase all the subprime loans that were headed for default  before they got there.  We could have contained this rampage before it spread to the entire housing market and the corporate real estate world as well.  It spread as if someone poured gasoline on a fire.  It's a negative feedback loop phenomenon. 

In medicine, it goes like this-- muscle spasm makes more pain, which in turns makes more muscle spasms, which in turn makes more pain, which in ... you get the idea.  So as a national economic and global community we need some intervention to break the cycle.  We may not figure it out on first try, and I would bet a lot of money there will be some mistakes, probably major ones too.  If we look to history for lessons of wisdom, think and become willing to change, all the while keeping calm, recovery will come much faster.

We CAN do together what we cannont do alone.  If we learn new and better ways to connect we can tap into that resource that working together brings.  And we must be facing forward, not looking in the rearview mirror to do this.  We must be willing to "DO WHATEVER IT TAKES" to get ahead of this fire.  I used to fight fires before I went to dental school and practiced dentistry for about 18 years or so.  You work harder than most people wiill ever know trying to get that fireline dug to contain the fire.  And if the wind shifts, you may have to pull back, regroup and dig another fireline.  So please don't be discouraged if the first things don't fix this economy right away.  Please put your oar in the water to row with everyone and do what you can.  These problems came from the top down.  But I have a strong sense the solution will have a large influence form the bottom up!!! Perhaps that will be the only way the problems can resolve-- when the top down action gets reversed and we have a total paradoxical reversal. A system where leaders are trusted servants but do not govern.  Where states, communities and individuals have autonomy coupled with ultimate consideration for others and how they will impact them.

So let's co -create this together as we each meditate on one of the age-old sayings:  "If it is to be, it's up to me." 

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 copywright October 5, 2008

Karen Stanley, Real Estate Investor

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