Mortgages in Tennessee

Mortgage and Lending with Capstone Mortgage, Inc.

Hello to the Active Rain community!  I joined this site last week and this is my first blog.  Baker Group is a wholesale motge company located in Birmingham, AL.  Our lending area is Alabama and Tennessee.  We offer mortgage loans to people with less than perfect credit.  As Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue to tighten up, we've found that these loans are even advantageous to some borrower's that previously would qualify for Fannie or Freddie loans.  Our max LTV is 90% and we have programs for credit scores as low as 500 (with a max ltv of 75% for purchases or rate and term refinances).  Please feel free to e-mail me at for rate sheets.  My direct line number is (205) 987-3431.  Let us help you close more loans!