$700B bailout or rescue?

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What does it mean to us? Not much at this point in time. Business is still out there. Buyers are cautious, however they are out there. So what makes them come to you? Your knowledge of the market, your ability to help them with their needs, you being the calm in the storm. Getting them to the right place for the money...helping them get the best deal on the house. Educating them to the market and it's conditions. Are all sellers desparate? No! But sometimes buyers are...help them understand and don't be afraid of them. They are looking for us to "bail" them out of what they are being told is a bad time to buy. So, let's "bail" them out with knowledge, skill and information. Now is the time to step up your activities.....there are a lot of Realtors who have already started going to warmer climates. Their year is over.....is yours?

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Jane Doe
Nashville, TN

Great post Marc! I was just speaking to an agent about stepping up efforts to excel in this market. Many ran to real estate for a quick buck when the market was golden. Now they are getting "real jobs"! In Tennessee, we are expected to lose even more agents after this year not only due to the market, but also because it is an E&O renewal year and association dues will increase (both are due in the 4Q). The agents who remain in the business will prosper in ANY market if they can serve as an information resource for consumers, spread a positive outlook on the current market (it is a good time to buy) and educate buyers and sellers about the proess!

Oct 07, 2008 02:31 PM