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Media annoyed with Palin talk

Dick Polman at the Philadelphia Inquirer isn't that impressed with the Palin'isms either. He, like many, spots a similarity between Palin and a character in a cult-classic.

"Folksy, for sure: ‘...go to a kid's soccer game...I betcha....darn right it was the predatory lenders...Joe six moms across the nation...a heckuva lot...darn right we need tax doggone it...'

"After awhile, I started to think I was listening to Marge Gunderson, the pregnant hick cop in Fargo

 Providence Journal. Not only do Alaskans not like the talk, they don't like the walk. Alaska isn't just for Alaskans, say the editors from the Ocean state.

We were not won over by her irrelevant populist rifts and appeals, the "betchas," the "darn rights," the references to Joe Six-Pack, hockey moms or the "kids' soccer game on Saturday." We were certainly not amused by her divisive pitting of energy-producing states against East Coast politicians, who by the way, have every bit as much right to oversee federal lands in Alaska as do Alaskans living next to them.

Jon Meacham, although not nearly as brutal as others, still throws in the obligatory Palin-speak in a cover story for Newsweek.

"Perhaps Sarah Palin will somehow emerge from the hurly-burly of history as a transformative figure who was underestimated in her time by journalists who could not see, or refused to acknowledge, her virtues. But do I think I am right in saying that Palin's populist view of high office-hey, Vice President Six-Pack, what should we do about Pakistan?-is dangerous? You betcha."

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