I had NO idea I was so attached to our pet bunny

Services for Real Estate Pros with Agent Quest/ Royal LePage Wolstencroft Realty had to put our poor little bunny down this morning. *sigh*  I felt sick about it.  She was the cutest little thing with a very easy going personality.  I have never had pets so it comes as a bit of a shock how attached I was.  As I stood by her while the vet injected her and she left us I started to cry.  It was so sad to me how short her little life was and I hoped she was not in any more pain and wondered if she had felt loved.

She was my son's bunny and I have to tell him when he gets home from school.  He doesn't even know that I took her to the vet.  She had a bad fall and had internal bleeding.  Her lungs were full and she could barely breathe.  Almost immediately as soon as I got her to the vet she started to really deteriorate and he said it was like she was just waiting to get there. 

I have never felt connected to animals - I've always looked at them as added responsibility, mess, smell and of course cost.  But I didn't blink when the vet asked if I wanted an xray and then I could have let her die on her own or give her the injection - and it made me sick to think it comes down to money.  So I spent $220 to ease her discomfort and watch her die. 

To all you pet owners that I've never understood, I get it now.

(now have to devestate son. blech)