Business Credit in Southfield, MI - Double Check Your Business Filing like the Banks do

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Once you file your business paper work, you may think your job is done.  Maybe you are thinking you will just sit back until you get some form of confirmation from your city or state. While this will work a lot of the time, if you really want to make sure things are going along as they are supposed to be, and that your paperwork is all being filed appropriately, you should check and double-check your filings.


Many states and cities offer an easy way to check on how the process is going.  They have online websites where you can input your name or application number to see how things are going. 


If you don't think it is important for you to check and make sure things are in line in your application process, consider this. There are plenty of other people that will be checking, including any banks or other funding institutions you are thinking of working with for your company's financial needs.  They always will look through your credit profile to see what it says. Once you put in an application, they will take your application information and try to check your information with the proper authorities.


This is when one of two things can happen, either they can have a tough time finding your company, which could mean a delay or even a decline of your request to get funding from them. You will then have to do show you are correcting the problem and regaining their faith that you are the professional business you say you are.  All of that could have been avoided had you just double-checked in the first place.


Some of the things that may be coming into your mind right now are how do you know when your application will be in the system and when will the approval get to you. Those are both good questions and ones you should have answered by the people you are filing your paperwork with. They should be able to give you a general time frame of when the application will be input into their system and when you will be able to see the process online. While you would think these should both be simultaneous, that is not always the case. Many states have systems in which the online aspect of the system is only updated periodically. That means while your application may well be in the system, you may not be able to see it.


Once they do show up, or if the time frame they told you it would be in by has passed, you may want to contact the department to find out what is holding things up.


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