Use Texting to Snare Young Home Buyers

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According to a recent survey by the Wireless Association, Americans send about 75 billion text messages a month. That's an increase of 160% over last year. We're so crazy about text messaging it's affecting the way we write. College professors complain about receiving papers typed completely in lower case with no punctuation from text-obsessed collegiates. For the future home buyers of America, texting is the preferred mode of communication.


Young people in their teens and 20s use their cell phones more for texting than for verbal communication. A growing majority of 20 and 30 somethings don't even have landlines. They rely strictly on cell phones to communicate. Text messaging has become such an ubiquitous part of American life that cell phone manufacturers are racing to develop text-centric phones with full QWERTY keyboards which have greater appeal among more mature texters than the T9 number pads favored by teens.


Texting is the fastest way to reach people. Most people carry their cell phones with them at all times which means your message is received immediately. Your message isn't lost in a jumble of unchecked e-mails or languishing on an answering machine while the recipient is out and about. When you text, your message is received instantly, no matter where the person is or what he's doing.


Savvy business people are tuning in to the immediacy, speed and reliability of texting. Texting is being used to confirm meetings, notify clients of document/package delivery, pass along last minute instructions, communicate with sales reps at trade shows, and even sell houses. Using TxT2Sell, potential home buyers can punch a number into their cell phone and instantly receive detailed listing information and multiple photos of houses for sale.


Visit the TxT2Sell website to find out how texting can both increase your sales leads and help you close the sale.

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