Autumn Glory @ Deep Creek Lake, Garrett County MD

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If you haven't come up to Garrett County or Deep Creek Lake recently you need to come and visit. The air is cool, the trees are gorgeous and the 41st Autumn Glory Festival is about to begin. We are looking forward to family and friends arriving for the weekend. Our kids will be home for the festivities. They are both at UMD, College Park. It is quite here with out them, but we are very proud of their accomplishments.

The real estate market has been active. Our agents have been keeping busy working with their clients and helping them find the perfect home for their needs. They are helping their sellers to price their homes for this market and everyone is working hard to work through this interesting time in the real estate market. As you all know real estate is cyclical with regular ups and downs in the market, but it always rebounds. I had the pleasure to hear NAR's chief economist at a managers meeting and he expressed his opinion that the market will rebound and we will actually have more sales in the next 10 years then we had in the past 10 years. But he felt that the market would have a gradual rise and not the crazy days of the past, when it went straight up. Which is really better for the economy. So chin up and have faith the market will return.

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Betsy Spiker Holcomb
The Spiker Team Deep Creek Lake - Mc Henry, MD


How right you are about the real estate market and also, of course, about the beauty of the Deep Creek Lake area. I am going to go out on a limb as well on the wall street turmoil. While there is definitely more pain to come in the near term, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the shorts get their hearts torn out by a 1000 point rally on the DOW any day now. The panic that we're seeing, like we saw in the real estate market, compounds the real problems out there and while affecting the market reality is based in artificial data. There is a "eureka" moment ahead. I'm very sure of it. Maybe see you at the kick off dinner tonight here at deep creek lake.


All the best. 

Oct 08, 2008 03:56 AM