The RECYCLE challenge..Jump on the bandwagon!

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in ReddingSo yesterday we got up and went to the Redding Farmer's Market at City Hall.  It was a great morning...all the fruit and vegetables you could imagine in one location, waiting for you to bring them home to eat!  So we walked around, selecting our produce like we were professional buyers for a posh restaurant when it hit me that we really DO have a choice as to the legacy we leave our kids.  It must have hit Clint as well because as we left (with my fresh lemongrass in hand...what do you use it for anyway????) he informed me that we were going to really start recycling.  He and Austin went to go get a 2nd garbage can and we began!

Well here it is 24 hours later and what is in the cans?  A full recycle bin (needs to be emptied) and a garbage can the same size that is only 1/4 full!  WOW...I am totally amazed.  The items that are in the garbage can are mostly food scraps which makes me wonder...should we try worm casting or a compost pile?  Maybe that is going too far but it is amazing how BIG our footprint is on the earth and how easy it is to shrink it with just being aware!

I challenge all of you to try this...set up a can for recycling inside the home and see which fills first!  I bet if you are avidly recycling you will see just how much we do waste on containers, storage and packaging that will be pulled out of our landfills if we just watch! 

Let me know how it goes!

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Bert Spangenthal
Retired Realtor - Toledo, OH
Let's see what is out my front door.

After a recent trip visiting my son in San Francisco, I thought worm composting was a unique idea.  I did a little research on the internet and found out I did not want to pay $100.00 for a worm compost bin, special bedding, and 25.00 for red wiggler worms.

Thanks to the Internet I found a great resource to build an economical worm compost bin.  See my blog at Click Here.  Red wiggler worms?  Are they the worms I can buy at a locat bait shop?  I called the bait shops to get red worms.  I asked if they are the same as red wiggler worms.   They don't know if they are the same, and because it's not fishing season yet  they are not in stock.  So I wait and I call.  Then there is  an editorial in the newspaper from Kathy in Perrysburg Ohio who has been worm composting for 10 years.  I write her a letter, and much to my surprise she emails me back.  As she mentioned she would like "to give back to the environment" and give me some red wiggler worms to start.  This past Saturday I met Kathy for coffee, and she gave me some worms.

I now have my 2 worm compost bins in the basement, and my worms have been given their first meal.

I would appreciate any helpful hints?

Mar 29, 2009 02:14 AM