McCain Fathers Two Vietnamese Children as P.O.W.

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What we seem to have in this election is a Double Standard for the Two Presidential Candidates.

Republicans attack Obama for associating with men like Ayers, Rev. Wright and Rezco


They Refuse to accept McCain as an adulterer, leaving his first wife for a rich, drug addicted Beer Heiress, fathering two vietnamese children, the Keating 5 scandal, the debauchery of closing all files on P.O.W.'s and God knows what else.

Here is some info on the P.O.W. Issue

 "People need to know the truth about McCain. He sealed his own records, as well the records of all POW's, so he could continue lying about his POW experience. He was never tortured, never in a dog-cell like the other prisoners and never deprived of food.

"My husband Larry was shot down on September 30, 1968. They closed his case in 1978. In fact, John McCain, who is a very dangerous and violent man, was the driving force behind closing all the POW files, classifying records in order to keep the truth from the families and the American people," said Van Rensaleer this week from her home in Corte Madera, California.

 "McCain is even more dangerous than Bush. I don't want to see this man ever become President and that's why I want this story out because he is one of the biggest liars in our government and, by no means, a friend of the POW families.

In fact, Col. Atkins, who died in 2001 of a cerebral hemorrhage, told Renselaar that when he and North acquired McCain's CIA file it showed he was out of the system for at least two years, being in an eastern European country instead of being in solitary confinement in a Vietnam jail cell like he has told the public.

To verify Atkins' claim, Van Renselaar said she has talked to several Vietnam POW's in the same camp McCain was s held, including Larry Larson, who told her "without a doubt I didn't see McCain for at least a year."

Further, she added John Parcels, a former helicopter pilot, and his wife, Patty, who visited Vietnam after the war, said they were taken on a tour by the North Vietnamese, who showed-off with pride the ‘plush cell' in which McCain was held as well as the memorial in his honor put up by the banks of Lake Hanoi.

"Why have the North Vietnamese honored him? What did McCain tell them and how was he really treated?" questioned Van Renselaar, adding Parcels said McCain's prison cell was of a much higher standard then the other dog-cells prisoners were given.

"They gave him special treatment and it is documented he was even out of the country for two years instead of being in solitary confinement. He is lying about what happened and that is why he had his own POW records sealed for life. He was never tortured, never deprived of food and I've even learned he  fathered two children after having an affair with his Vietnamese nurse.

"According to my very credible Vietnamese contacts he had an affair with the sister of Nguyen Tan Thanh, a high-placed North Vietnamese official. Since they knew McCain was the son of A Navy Admiral, he was given a special nurse, Tan's sister. I've been told he fathered two sons with her, one attending the University Of Colorado."


Garnett Bell, a 30 year employee of DOD and former chief of the U.S. office for POW/MIA Affairs in Hanoi, told the U.S. Veteran Dispatch that he had actually seen some film footage of McCain taken by the Vietnamese when McCain did not know he was being filmed.

Last month the United Press International (UPI) quoted the Cambodian Khmer Rouge accusing McCain of being a "Vietnamese Agent."

"Who is John McCain?" the rebel group asked rhetorically in a radio broad-case monitored in Bangkok. "He is Vietnamese. He has a Vietnamese wife and Vietnamese children. He is an American by nationality, but he is a Vietnamese agent..."

Viet Nam Veterens Against McCain

It will be interesting to see how the McCain camp reacts to the latest news that unnamed sources are looking for his two Vietnamese sons to bring them to the  public's attention before the Nov. 4th election.

Can't wait to hear how the Christian repubs defend this one.

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Linda Mae Croom
Topock, AZ
(928) 768-3040

I certainly hope he has been supporting them all these years. Most likely he has because I read an article that  one of them graduated from an American University.

God forbid he left them there to rot like Obama did his Brother. What would the Republicans say to defend McCain then?

Some have claimed he even married the Nurse in Viet Nam and that is why he had his records sealed.

Oct 07, 2008 11:37 AM