It's the time to buy everything!!!

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It is a great time to buy just about anything in today's market.  Yeah the finances are tightening up with the banks. Yeah the government just spent all of the money that we never knew we even had. Yeah everytime you turn on the news it is ALWAYS NEGATIVE. Well I say so what! Now is the time to buy!  Everyone knows that I specialize in Real Estate in Spartanburg SC, and I believe that we have an excellent market here.  Our home sales are down by close to 20% but our home prices are up by 1.5%.  I attribute this 20% drop in home sales to the stricter guidelines that have been set into place by our Lenders.  I would have loved to have helped that 20% get a new home, but let's face it, creative financing is the reason we're in this pickle.  For those that have invested wisely, saved there money, and have fairly good credit it is still a great time to buy.  We have unbelievably low interest rates on homes.  With a little extra money at closing for some discount points it is very easy to get a 5.0% rate (as of this morning).  I expect things to get even better.  I'm no economist but I thing that they have to do something to stimulate the housing market across the nation.  What better way than to cut interest rates?  It is also a great time to purchase a new vehicle.  If you are in the market for a gas saving, eco-friendly ride, then get in line, but for those that still want a big honkin gas guzzling SUV they will almost pay you to take it.  My Dad just bought a brand new 4 door V8 4x4  Ford for $15,000 off of the MSRP.  Add to that the tax breaks you get on a SUV over 6,000 pounds that is built on a truck base and it's simple math.  When you write off half of the value plus the mega tax break the first year plus the depreciation over the next 5 years, well,  that buys a whole lotta gas.  I know that some will agree and some will disagree with me but hey, that's the way I see it.

There's a reason you see all of these REALTORS riding in the big SUV :)


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