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Wakefield Ma Real Estate #7!!!

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    With all the news saying "no one is going to get a mortgage" and me having to defend the Real Estate market each and every day because of this, I am proud to say Wakefield, Ma Real Estate is #7 in the United States.  This rank was reported by Business Week and then went on to all the local newspapers.  A gentleman from Business Week called me personally for an interview about why Wakefield is doing so well and what draws home owners into our town.  The poll was taken nationally based on the number of days properties spent on the market.  Wakfield was the only town within Massachusetts.  Of course just because compared to other cities Wakefield is doing well, it is still not at the top of its game and naturally prices are still down.  But I consider this a good thing because it gives buyer the good deals they deserve.  As far as the people who are reporting no one is going to get a mortgage than I ask why do I get flyers daily from banks offering very good loan packages???  So yes, the economy is in a slump, but I am trying to do my part to keep my town afloat. 

Sam Stella


Feb 09, 2009 05:10 AM