My First 100 Mile Day in a Month!

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Lately business has been slow in my notary world. 2008 started out so promising the slow down of the last couple of months caught me totally off guard; I didn't know what to think.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost as I have had a busy week so far, and it's only Tuesday! I was so busy today that I drove over a 100 miles handling notarizations and authentications from Long Beach to Norwalk back to Long Beach to Downtown Los Angeles to Rancho Palos Verdes back to Long Beach. I was in my car from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. And I already have two jobs lined up for tomorrow.

I may have been running around like crazy but I was busy doing what I love so the day could not have gone any better. :)



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Joan Bergstrom
Joan Bergstrom Mobile Notary - Riverside, CA
Mobile Notary, Riverside CA

I had a busy day also and it felt very good.  I did 2 loan signings and one public notary job.

Your ad is just fabulous!

Oct 08, 2008 05:53 PM
LaShon James-Major
The Document Diva - Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Mobile Notary - 562.314.4319

Joan, it does feel fabulous to be busy. I hope it continues.

Oct 09, 2008 06:41 PM
Shannon Ziccardi
"A Quick Note" Tennessee! - Clarksville, TN
"A Quick Note" Mobile Notary Tennessee!

I've had a couple of those in the last couple weeks...

It's a good feeling huh?  Glad to hear you too are hanging tough LaShon!

"A Quick Note"

Oct 13, 2008 06:33 PM
Pamela Knight
Urban Knight Enterprises, Inc. - Phoenixville, PA

Hey LaShon,

I am feeling the crunch as well, missing the business line and the mobile ringing off the hook for business has really been a downer.  I was able to do some signings last week and I am sure things will soon turn around.  During this time, I have been putting together a new ad campaign and taking additional educational classes to enhance my business.  This has been rewarding.  Only the strong survives rings true in this business!

Oct 14, 2008 04:20 AM
LaShon James-Major
The Document Diva - Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Mobile Notary - 562.314.4319

Thanks, Shannon I'm trying to hang in there as best as possible. The good weeks make up for the bad.

Pamela, I guess notary work is just down all around, whether it's loan or non-loan work. Like you, I've been exploring new ways to market myself.


Oct 14, 2008 04:51 AM
Jacqueline Dyson
Dyson's Mobile Notary Service - Sacramento, CA

Hi LaShon,

I am very happy things are happening for you. You work hard and deserve the very best.

Oct 15, 2008 04:30 PM
LaShon James-Major
The Document Diva - Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Mobile Notary - 562.314.4319

You are too sweet, Ms. Jacqueline. I it continues. :)

Oct 16, 2008 03:11 AM