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Today's video answer addresses the question, " The Glendale home I want to buy has an unpermitted addition. What should I do?" Now, I apologize in advance. This answer got a bit windy - nearly 5 minutes of wind. You might not want to sit through the whole darn thing. After the video I have a short summary of points written out. No, the owner is not going to get you permits. They are perfectly fine with the home as it is. Every buyer asks the same questions:
  1. will I have problems while I own it and
  2. will I have problems when I sell?
In order to assess this you need to look at the following:
  1. How important is the space?
    1. How big? Any plumbing? Is the added space a key area like a bathroom or bedroom suite?
  2. How does it look?
    1. Does it look like it is quality workmanship or just slapped together?
  3. Is it too close to the lot lines?
    1. If the addition pushed the exterior of the home too close to the neighbor, there could be trouble down the line
  4. What does your home inspector think?
If everything looks good to you, it is probable that you will be fine in the future. Just make sure that you do not offend a Glendale city inspector in your home to inspect other stuff or your present/future neighbors. When you sell the home, make sure you disclose the unpermitted space as soon as possible. As a professional, I have to say there are no guarantees and you always take a risk with unpermitted space. Only you can assess if the risk is worth the house. If it is, make an offer that is less than a home with similar, permitted space, and more than a home with no extra space at all.