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Why You Need a Real Estate Assistant

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If you're like most agents, you probably manage every aspect of your business by yourself.  If you haven't mastered your multi-tasking skills, you are probably bombarded with paperwork and a to-do list that is longer than your arm.  OR, you may have mastered your multi-tasking skills but haven't made it out of the office by 5 o'clock in a while. If you can relate to these scenarios - YOU NEED AN ASSISTANT!

A virtual assistant can help you maintain efficiency and ease your stress.  Delegating to an assistant will help create a balance and save you time.  Thus, giving you an opportunity to do what you do best - SELLING HOMES!

If you're considering using an assistant, don't be afraid to admit you need help.  In 2007, the National Association of REALTORS ® released these statistics:

·        15% of REALTORS ® use at least one personal assistant

·        49% of personal assistants are unlicensed

·        51% of personal assistants are employed part-time

·        68% of personal assistants work exclusively for one REALTOR®

Joshua Keen, a real estate agent in Atlanta; submitted an article over at Articlesbase - check it out for further reading on this topic.

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