Home Inspector Insurance

Home Inspector with Home Inspector/Structural Engineer/Mold Assessor


All professional home inspectors should carry insurance that includes General Liability, Errors & Omissions, and Fidelity Bonding.  Good quality insurance also includes indemnification for referring agents. (Realtors)

When an inspector goes through a home, it is very easy to cause damage to a home, including electrical shorts, knocking over valuable antiques, or even causing personal injury to the occupants or him self.  Therefore, knowing if your home inspector is fully insured is a key to safeguarding yourself and your clients.

For myself, I am insured by Lloyds of London with limits in excess of $100K.  Also, I am bonded up to $10k.  Most home inspectors in Florida do NOT have insurance, so be careful.  Insurance should be provided for specific and unique inspections such as pools, mold, termite, Radon, lead, asbestos, etc...

Insurance is very expensive.  Cheap inspectors are cheap for many reasons, not have insurance is one.

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