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Demand For Distressed Properties Outpaces Supply For First Time

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The foreclosure/bank-owned and short-sale portion of the Loudoun County real estate market has been steadily improving over the last 6 months. But last month brought some of the best news we've had in a long time - demand outpaced supply!

For the first time since the market turned, there have been more distressed properties sell than new ones come on the market in a one month period. August had 326 distressed properties sell versus 306 new ones come on the market.

Here's a graph showing new listings (supply) versus solds (buyer demand) for 2008 (click to enlarge):

Loudoun Foreclosure supply and demand 2008  

Notice that in January, the number of new listings was more than double the amount of solds. Since then, the number of solds has been steadily increasing. The number of solds in August was more than double those in January.

As for inventory, there was a spike in new distressed property listings last spring, but it's back down to the 300 per month level.

This is very good news for not only the foreclosure/bank-owned and short-sale property market, but the Loudoun County real estate market in general. The key ingredients to a stabilization of the market is lower inventory and higher demand, which is what we're seeing across the board in Loudoun County.

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