Why do Realtors insist on giving all the information on a home right away?

Real Estate Agent with Steinborn GMAC

In my market it is customary to have fliers at the sign of all the listings.  I am not a fan of this because I want people to call ME!  If they do not call how will I pick them up to show them other properties?  My sellers are emphatic as I must have fliers which I have done and use to market MYSELF!  I include lots of pictures of the home but no information on the house.  My phone number is there, my e-mail is there, I have an 800 number,  my website is there.  All of these outlets have all of the information and I gain a lead from these types of call to actions.  I don't get any leads if I provide All of the information on the fliers.  It blows my mind how many upset agents I get calling me saying there is no information on the flier.  Why it is on the MLS!  I have found I get allot more buyers from this simple strategy than I ever did when I gave all the information on the flier.  Do you give out all the information?

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