Inspiration is all around you #2

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As I stated yesterday, I don't have to look too far to get inspiration. I have a set of framed lithos, each with their own inspiration phrase. 

We are all currently challenged in this market... 

CHALLENGE - The harder the (golf) course, the more rewarding the triumph. 

For everyone out there that is a golfer, this is easy to relate to. I enjoy playing the most difficult golf courses available rather than dink it around on a marginal layout. I may not score as well, but when I have a good hole or hit an exceptional shot, I tend to remember it better than I would if I was playing a lesser challenge. 

I met with a group of Real Estate professionals last night. Some I had worked with in the past and some that I have been introduced to over the years by mutual friends in the business. It seemed as if all of whom had enjoyed better times. The stories are the same ones that we all hear about, mostly about loss of income. Yet, despite the sadness of that, there were stories of recent success that we all reveled in.

The message I came away with was that although we weren't experiencing the highest of highs, we still cling to the "rewards" that we currently enjoy.

Do you enjoy a challenge?

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