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Choosing Your Air Conditioner and Maintenance Required

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When deciding a location to install your air conditioner you should find a shady area. The north side is by far the best because of the direction of the sun. If this is not possible, choose an area that would benefit from the shade of a tree (that you might have to plant). If these options are not feasible, consider building a platform (shelf) above your unit. This will provide shade for your air conditioner and the unit will not have to work so hard during those hot days. An air conditioning unit will use 10% less electricity if located in the shade, let alone less wear and tear on the unit itself.

Preventive maintenance

Make sure that vents are free of leaves, lint, and or debris.

Oil motor - if applicable

Check for worn or broken belts and replace if necessary.

Electrical contacts: if dirty, should be sprayed with an aerosol electrical parts cleaner. Disconnect power supply first.

Clean or replace filters every month. The most highly recommended is a quality electrostatic filter. Filter clogs can not always be seen by the naked eye. Once dust, pollen and other fine particles are saturated into the filter and then cleaned, they never work effectively as a filter that was cleaned monthly.

Clean interior and exterior coils. The dirty side of the coils cannot usually be seen, due to direction of air flow, coils can be washed with household spray cleaners and then rinsed the same way.

Check burner (if applicable), and pilot lite.


Start with your drain hose. Make sure it is open by running water through it. If you have an air compressor handy, blowing air into the hose from the condenser end is probably the easiest.

Evaporator and fan must clear of any debris.

Flue must be unrestricted, and free of gaps in joints, that might let gases in toward living areas.

Replace any worn or missing insulation.

Electrical contacts: if dirty, should be sprayed with an aerosol electrical parts cleaner.

Disconnect power supply first.


Freon is a gas and should be used by a licensed HVAC contractor or from a reputable service company only.

What size A/C should I buy?

To properly size the unit you should have a licensed HVAC contractor figure this using heat load calculations. There is a lot to consider, such as existing insulation, types of windows and doors, square footage and exterior temperatures.

To get an approximate size of BTU's needed, use the formula below.

1. Figure your square footage.

2. Divide by 600

3. Multiply by 12,000

This gives you your amount of BTU's needed.


Electromechanical: (low end) These are the least expensive to buy, but definitely limited to options.

Electronic: These offer accuracy, for better energy savings. Usually in both low voltage and line voltage applications. And can control one to three fan speeds.

Digital: These are usually low voltage with full option capabilities. Such as room temp, L.E.D. reading, and temp settings for cool or heat set points.

Digital with controller:This is high tech and is designed for use with many sensors, such as fire detectors and room occupancy sensors. Should be installed by professionals because of its complicated design.

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