Block the Time

Managing Real Estate Broker with Beringer Realty

I sometimes feel like a broken record.  But that is because real estate is not rocket science and what works keeps working.  Systematic and consistent lead generation is what brings business.  Online, on the phone, door to is very simple, but, of course, we all know, not easy to consistently generate leads for business.  The only solution is to schedule it in and just do it.  Block the time.

Riding to a brokers' open the other day with agents, one of them was commenting on jobs she might take to supplement her income.  One job appealed, but was daily 10 to 2.  Does she really want to do that?  She was processing out loud with her friends and one said, "You can't commit to regular hours like that." 

"Yes I can.  I did it with another job I had.  I can just put it in my calendar and scheduled around it." 

I couldn't stop myself.  It just popped out of my mouth.  "Oh.  Just like time blocking for lead generation!" 

Of course, being the fun and realistic real estate agents they are, they shouted at me and turned the radio in the car up very loud and stated singing along!  I promised to control myself and they turned the radio down and agreed not to turn me out of the car.

But.....they all agreed that it is true.  It is possible to time block anything that is important to you.  To capture the business that is out there in this market, keeping in touch with your sphere of influence and your past clients, meeting new people who need or know someone who needs a professional to help them take advantage of low interest rates and a shifting market and then keeping in touch with them takes focused energy.  It takes time daily to stay in touch and to ask for business.

Knowing what to do with the time is where a coach can be helpful.  Keeping up the energy and motivation is helped by a coach.  Identifying areas for improvement and building skills are reasons to hire a coach.  But deciding to do what it takes, no matter what it takes is a decision that will include scheduling your time to be sure you do the most important every day.  Block it out and schedule around it.  It's possible and plenty of agents are doing it....even in this market.

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