HOW DO YOU TELL YOUR BUYER??????????????????????????????????????????

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How do you tell a buyer who wants you to represent them in a real estate transaction, that you do not like working with lenders you do not know? I have had two deal to fall apart at the last minute do to my buyers brought in their own lender when we first meet.

I mean from the start of both transactions I did not feel like the deals would close. When you ask a mortgage professional some general questions, and they struggle with the answers then you know it will be a problem.

You don't want to be the professional that drop hints about another professional, so tell me what do you do? 

1.) Do you not work with the buyer when they have their own no name Lender?

2.) Do you ask them to work with one of my Lenders of choice?

3.) Do you work with the buyer and their Lender anyway?

Tell me how do you tell you buyer?

I would love to know.

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