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Tell me this? When you represent your buyer/tenant in a lease purchase or a rental lease agreement are you protecting you clients money?

We all know that this is a different market from before. We have a lot of homeowners losing their homes, each and everyday. When you have a buyer or tenant that needs to lease purchase or lease a home in this market, do you go the extra mile?

Please, please always think worst case scenarios in this market. You know there was a time when a lease purchase or a lease was just that. Tell me this, do you think about adding extra stip's? Worded something like:  Both parties agree that the seller produce a current mortgage payment statement prior to buyer paying their deposit? Also both parties agree that the seller produce a quarterly paid mortgage statement?

I have heard so many stories about the buyer/tenant receiving the certified letters delivered to the home. To the buyer/tenant surprise, the home is facing foreclosure at this it might be too late to get their deposits back. Who would have though that this would become a red hot trend?

Tell me this will you protect the buyer/tenants money on the next transaction?

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