Describe what your job as a Realtor is exactly.

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This is was the question that came up yesterday at a meeting for the Communications Committee for my Board.  We have been mandated to come up with directives that will improve the image of Realtors to the public.  You wouldn't believe how difficult this is proving to be. 

Through much debate we have concluded that the primary difference between our profession and that of other professional industries such as lawyers or doctors (who carry the same level or less liability) is that matter of taking an oath.  What do you think? Could a simple oath be all that separates the degree of professionalism? 

Then there's the matter of income.  The general public perceives us as money grabbers...however unlike lawyers they feel free to try and negotiate our commission down.  We don't ask for a retainer.  Hmmmm.

So back to the question.  What is your job exactly?  When a group of Realtors were asked there were many different answers:  I'm a consultant/facilitator; I help my clients buy and sell homes; I'm a marriage counsellor (Holla!!! hehe).  All right answers...however my Chair of the committee has concluded that really our job is: To protect the interests of my client.  Simple.

So there it is.  Now imagine if every Realtor actually wrote that into their listing agreement.  I think we'll see a lot of Realtors not want to take on that level of liability but when you think about it, you are anyway.  It's stated (here in BC) with our Working with a Realtor® brochure. And if we all presented ourselves with that as our main job, imagine the level of integrity we would earn in the Public's eye? 


Food for thought...comments?