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I haven't written forever...

Real Estate Agent with The Glocker Group Realty Results, Inc

I can't believe it's been so long since I have updated anything with my profile on Active Rain.

Recently, what has prompted me to do so is the amount of inquiries I have gotten from prospects, as well as my current clients even somehow getting ahold of me through the network. So I figured that since people are finding me here, I better have the correct info.

Shame on me! My personal info is nearly 2 years old and so is the info I am offering to the first time buyers I love so much! Tom and I are fast approaching 5 years together and our wonderful dog Caesar has been with us nearly 3!

And most importantly, the programs for first time buyers change on a regular basis and I still had posted they could receive $5,000 grant money! Bad Melissa! I remember the days when they even ran "Blue light specials" and would give them $10,000. Wow. Currently all first time buyers in MD can receive $2,500.

Well, I would like to write another blog about the first time homebuyer program as I know it, so stay tuned. I would also really like to keep up with my profile a little more. (It's like a New Year's Resolution in October and we all know how those go!)

I guess one thing with the slowing market is that now we all have a little more time to sit at our computers and type for a bit instead of being out and about showing the homes and writing the offers that we love so much.

Not to be discouraged though. I have become stronger and a much better agent in the past two years than I ever could have imagined when I jumped into this business back in the boom.