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Tails from a Cat House

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We all know strict rules apply for our sellers with pets:  GET RID of pets during showings!  No odors, no fur, no pet food, and the biggest atrocity, no kitty litter !!  For 15 years I've played the hard-hearted Broker with my sellers by enforcing the "hide your pets" policy.  Everyone knows that buyers should NOT be distracted by pet odors or, heaven forbid, actual live pets wagging tails and jumping around! 

Holy Meow Mix, the pet rules have suddenly changed.  After 15 years in a "no pet" household we recently adopted 2 kittens from our local shelter.  Funny how being owned by two crazy creatures can put a new slant on the whole  "sellers with pets" policy!   Who are these 4 legged monsters and how did they come to control every aspect of our day?  One of them is even helping me to type this blog!  


Looks like the tables have been turned and my "no pet" brutality act toward sellers is about to be revised!  Guess I'll have to take a more sympathetic attitude toward humans owned by their creatures.   Yikes - what if we decide to sell our home one day?  We know what they say about paybacks....   Meow!

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You are drinking the cat coolaid!  Don't forget that all your friends now smell your new "owners".

Oct 09, 2008 08:42 AM
Kristina Pratt
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Cute pics, Teri.  Your little tortoise-shell kitty looks a lot like mine.  :)

Oct 09, 2008 08:57 AM
Danny Thornton
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Teri, welcome to the fellowship of "Ownership". You tutorial package should arrive by mail.

Oct 09, 2008 03:17 PM