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How Fourteen Seconds Changed Seth Petruzelli's Life

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14 Seconds To Change Your Life


So there I was, sitting back relaxing last Saturday night watching the T.V.  Flipping the channels and not really finding anything interesting when I came across CBS’s version of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) called Elite XC.  Now before you all stop reading because you think it is barbaric there is a point to this.  


CBS has placed a fighter, Kimbo Slice, up on a pedestal as the best of the best.  Those who follow MMA we beg to differ!  Kimbo was scheduled to fight Ken Shamrock, a long time veteran, in what they were billing as the fight of the night.  Unfortunately, Ken Shamrock, got a cut over his eye earlier requiring stitches and the State of Florida would not allow him to fight.  


Kimbo has touted that he is afraid of no one and would fight any man, anywhere, anytime! The promoters brought one of the under card fighters Seth Petruzelli up to fight Kimbo. Seth was 2 inches shorter, 4 “ shorter in reach and almost thirty pounds lighter than Kimbo. In addition, if you were to look at the two you would probably think as most did that Kimbo would destroy Seth.  


Well as you can guess by now, 14 seconds later the referee stopped the fight and Kimbo lost!  There is much debate in the MMA world as to how good or bad a fight it was but here is the moral of the story.  Seth Petruzelli, woke up Saturday morning, with no intention of any more people really knowing who he was by Sunday morning since, the fight he was scheduled for was not even scheduled to be on TV.


14 seconds later, not only was he on national television, his name and picture is all over, ESPN, YAHOO, Sports Illustrated, etc.  His phone is ringing off the hook, and everyone is talking about the guy from Orlando, originally from Cape Coral, my home town, who came out of no where to beat Kimbo Slice.  Who is this guy Seth, and how did he do it?  


Moral of the story is no matter how bad business might seem, in 14 seconds your life can completely change.  It is about being in the right place at the right time doing the right things. Are you going to be a fighter and make what you want to have happen, happen, or are you going to be complacent?  The internet providing us with an awesome power to put is in front of more people than we ever could have imagined.


Tomorrow I will share with you my personal fourteen seconds that happened to me this week.  Never stop believing, opportunity exist with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck!



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Amazing story. I watched the fight like 10 times. Did Kimbo REALLY go down that quick?? It looks a little suspicious to me.

Oct 09, 2008 01:09 PM