Meridian Idaho--Settler's Park--Great Park for Kids!

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I have made a major discovery when it comes to the city of Meridian, Idaho. Settlers Park, located at the corner of Meridian Road and Ustick Road, is quite possibly one of the best, if not THE best, park in the entire Treasure Valley. My children and I happened upon it as we were waiting for some family in the area and it took my by complete surprise. I thought we’d have to pay to get in and participate but in reality it’s totally free.


It is a huge park (I couldn’t locate the exact acreage but it’s very big). It has a number of awesome play areas. The kid’s playground equipment is called Adventure Island and is a number of large ship-like toys that they can run to and fro on. It’s big enough that you don’t have to wait in line to go down the slides and gives them plenty of room to get all their wiggles out.  They also have a City of Rocks which is a number of large (safe) climbing rocks to challenge them. Our oldest daughter is pretty adventurous and loved the idea of trying to be queen-of-the-rock.  The next area we played on was the Music Garden (which I haven’t seen of or heard about at any other parks).  It is a series of ginormous percussion musical instruments for the kids to play with. They have a huge drum set, a bell/wind chime set and a number of other fun things.  What is nice about this area is all the sounds created are pleasant to listen to and so you don’t have any annoying, loud, banging sounds but sweet winds chimes.  Our two year old LOVES music and so she was totally in heaven with these fun things.  The final area we played at was the Splash Pond. It had been pretty hot so this was a prefect way to end the park experience.  They have a number of fountains and spraying items. They have a dump-down pirate ship toy that lets you dump buckets of water on yourself.  It was open so the kids aren’t crashing and smashing into each other and they can still have a great time.  There were a few other areas we didn’t go to such as the soccer fields, baseball complex, fishing pond and food concession area.  OH, and to top things off they have a movie night each week there during the summer. So if you are looking for a fun place to enjoy with your kids, you’ve found it at the Settlers Park in Meridian, Idaho.


Lisa Levanger, Realtor, AllPro Realty Group, Inc.


Meridian Idaho Settler's Park kids playing in splash pond




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