What came first the chicken or the egg? Cat or dog?

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Recently I sold a elderly ladies two story condo.  It was about 18 months ago Marion visited my recent sale in that area and she asked me to see how much her house was worth.

Well when I heard the kids playing the piano I knew we had this one sold.

One final condition was I offered to find a home for the cat.  It was an indoor cat and the Senior Living home did not allow cats. 

That cat must have weighed 19 lbs.  It sat under the bed all the time except to eat and play once in a while.

Once I arrived the cat would not come out of the cage for 3 days.  We left the door open and it did not eat as well.  My son opened the garage door and it ran outside and would not come or let us catch him.

We saw him once in a while and tried to leave food out but the Raccoons just got fatter.

My cat kept it away as well and we figured it had a home next door. It was running around from time to time and I know the neighbor tells me she feeds it.

As the story makes headlines in a bad way, my seller mails me a coupon for her cat favorite canned food!

Sad, sad story but I will go see Marion and tell her, her cat is in a better place.

My bed is too low for him anyway!!!


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You need to do grammer and spell check 

Nov 24, 2008 02:26 PM
Thanks for reading my story.

Whats your story?

Nov 24, 2008 04:27 PM