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I find that the spirit of women is so different from men.  Not that it's bad, just different. When I was younger, I liked being around men more than women...i was so business-oriented then.  Didn't have time nor the inclination to cultivate friendships with women.  Life has a way of changing you though, and in the midst of harships, i learned that my women friends were the ones that sustained me.

I consider myself very blessed to have wonderful women friends!  These women have been my support and my conscience when times were incredibly tough for me...they held me when i cried, they cheered when I prevailed.  I would like to share this group of women with you (I will only put their first names for privacy)...they are courageous, hard-working, compassionate, committed, funny and godly women.

Antonella - born in Italy, she came to this country, not knowing what her life would be like, trusting in the American way of life.  She learned the language, married, had children, and went on to be an inspiration to all the people who have the honor of knowing her.  With strict work-ethics, she set about becoming a success in the real estate world; she bought a real estate franchise and set about changing the environment in our valley.  A natural leader, she pushed the local association to further her cause of inspiring people to act; her task force raised thousands of dollars to bring a national speaker to our area.  In between all these activities, she somehow finds time for her family (she will interrupt a business meeting to speak to her daughter!). She was honored this year by being our NH Realtor of the Year (ROTY)... I am very proud to call Antonella my friend.

Cathy - when I was down, she was there...truly my sister in Christ.  Gentle and compassionate, Cathy always went out of her way to help me sift through the pieces of my life.  She has a gift of listening that is so precious!  Under the gentle demeanor, Cathy has the steel belief in her God that is unshakeable.  She led me (kicking and screaming) back to my faith; she enfolded me in hers until mine was strong enough to stand!  Thank you Cathy; your love is a treasure!

Deb - meeting Deb for the first time, i wanted to shut her up!  She seemed to be so much fluff.  The Lord had plans for Deb...our women's group became her stage.  There she learned how to "deepen her roots" so that the fluff became strong.  She learned to lean on others, to study, to be the woman that He wanted her to be.  That was a good thing; this year Deb learned she has breast cancer.  Every day is a fight.  Deb, though, has become the beacon of hope for many of us.  She has such an amazing strength that it's hard to imagine the "other" Deb that we knew.  She has steel in her bones, and faith in her veins.  Deb, if we could only be as courageous as you!  We pray for you and your family.

Diane - I first met Di when I sold her a home; even though we are very different, we became friends.  We shared our lives with each other, and found that under the exterior, we had similar values.  Diane is going through a tough time now.  I pray for her every day; for peace of mind, for God to heal her aching heart, and for a brighter future!  I know that her trials will make her stronger! Hang in there Di!

Jodie - she was the baby in the group; insecure about herself.  We always knew she would "blossom", and she did!  She took on causes beyond herself, she stretched her being to grow!  Her leadership skills began to develop... there was a death in her family recently; the Jodie that weathered that pain was a women in control of her life and her destiny.

Lindsey - what a laugh!  When Lindsey laughs, the whole world seems brighter.  She brings her friendship, her humor, her generous spirit into everything she does!   When we need a boost, Lindsey is there.  She is direct and up front.  You never have to wonder with Lindsey.  What she says is what she means.  And if you do not go along with her direction, she will gently move you out of the way (and clean around you at the same time!).

I hope that you appreciated meeting my "girls"---they are treasures in my life!  Thank you for reading!

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Monika McGillicuddy
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Now you need to get them all blogging Rose! Nice testimonial to your girls.

Oct 10, 2008 12:31 PM