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Former Foreclosure Hunter Turned Loss Mitigation Expert Eric Rice Sheds Light on Distressed Homeowners SAN DIEGO -- Foreclosures have hit an all time high in the United States during the current economic downturn. Many desperate Americans find themselves with no one to turn to for help. In this tough time, Loss Mitigation Expert Eric A. Rice, President of Dyer Beech (www.dyerbeech.com), works night and day to provide homeowners with the tools they need to keep their homes. With foreclosures increasing by over 68% in the past year, loss mitigation services have become a viable alternative to losing one's home. Though these services are accessible to everyone, media focus on negativity leaves foreclosure prevention overlooked. Unfortunately, lenders are only receptive to homeowners once payments have become delinquent. Eric Rice works with homeowners at all stages of the mortgage process to prevent problems before the situation becomes dire. Dyer Beech consists of a variety of handpicked specialists including attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, and guidance counselors. They are passionate about helping people find alternatives to foreclosures. "Mortgage loss mitigation provides solutions to disasters before they occur," stated Rice. "Dyer Beech's negotiations establish permanent positive changes for your loan terms and payment plans." Eric Rice understands the personal and emotional element of foreclosures and wants to share his expertise. "Charlie Kent was going through a rough spot and was overwhelmed with his home mortgage. He was going through a divorce and needed the help badly. We developed a program specifically for Charlie to stay in his home so that his kids didn't have to change school districts. I now make 1/3 of the payments on his home, and I believe I have gained a friend for life," said Rice. 4 Need-to-Know Concepts to Prevent Foreclosure as advised by Eric Rice 1. Loan Modification - designing a plan to continue making payments for the long term as well as short term by having the lender change the rate, duration of payback, payment and type of rate (fixed or adjustable). 2. VA Loan Modification/Refunding - when The VA buys a veteran's debt note from their bank and modifies it for the benefit of the veteran in hardship. 3. Repayment Plan - a structured plan that helps the homeowner catch up on missed payments over a period of time with the goal of becoming current. 4. Special Forbearance - borrower has the right to ask for a break in payments; payment is negotiated for a later date (similar to a student loan). Dyer Beech is a full service loss mitigation firm. Services include: legal consultation from leading loss mitigation attorneys, CPA consultation regarding all possible tax consequences, in-house team working around the clock to keep borrowers in their homes, preferred membership to the best credit repair firm in the country, property tax reduction and professional financial planning.


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Welcome to Active Rain! Good to have you in the community!!


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Welcome to Active Rain. This is a great forum to exchange ideas in these economic times. I believe everyone should look at all income steams as we enter a new paradigm. I have multiple income streams that I would not have thought I would look at or could do!


Oct 10, 2008 03:20 AM
Samuel Colridge
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i agree 100% Larry!



Oct 10, 2008 03:24 AM
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Royce - Welcome to Active Rain and congrats on your first post.  Be sure to spend some time looking around at what and how others are blogging here - it is a great education and lots of fun.  Looks like you're off to a great start...keep it up!

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Hello Royce,

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Welcome to ActiveRain.  You'll find this to be a great forum and community where you can share your ideas and experiences.  You'll also find a wealth of information that can help you in your profession.  Congrats on your first post!!

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Hi and welcome to active|rain. There are thousands of tips, tools, and tricks of the trade here. Be sure to check them out. Best of luck and see you around.

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Welcome to the Active Rain community. You have chosen a great site with tons of information you can learn from.  Have fun with it and hope to see more of your blogs soon!  We have a team of four outstanding full time agents to assist your buyers and sellers in Spartanburg/Greenville, SC.  Again, welcome to AR!!

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Welcome to ActiveRain!

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We invite you back to ActiveRain in 2017.

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