Dyer Beech is a registered corporation with the state of California. Fraud is prevalent in the world of Loss Mitigation, let Dyer Beech help you not fall into a scam and guide you to a fresh start.

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Corporation DYER BEECH ENTERPRISES, INC. Number: C2938836 Date Filed: 12/19/2006 Status: active Jurisdiction: California Address 3914 MURPHY CANYON RD A110 SAN DIEGO, CA 92123

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Andra McConnel

The Better Business Bureau of California is not able to provide a report on this Dyer Beech company.  Relying on Internet reviews is not an acceptable source as well. 

Dec 30, 2008 02:51 AM
Dyer Beech is a SCAM

Complaint against Dyer Beech in San Diego CA. I contacted Dyer Beech in 12/09. They asked me for $1850 to start the loan mod process. We were not getting anywhere so they asked me for another $1850 to involve their lawyers. I was advised not to pay my mortgage and not to listen to what my bank said. I was told time after time that my loan was in review. After almost 5 months I still had no loan mod and when I last called them I got a message saying that the company was not insolvent and that any concerns should be sent to Customer Service@Dyer Beech.com. I contacted my bank and they informed me that my loan was not in review and that in order to start the process that I needed to fill-out the forms on line and submit them. Needless to say I have never seen these forms until now. I had talked to my bank before but was told by Matt Clevenger at Dyer Beech that the bank had all the documents and forms that they needed from me. I am now in foreclosure because I trusted these people. At the time , they had no complaints against them on the BBB website & there were no blogs about them either. Be very wary of ANY loan mod company that asks you for money up front and if you do pay them do not pay them by check!!! My bank told me that if you give someone a check there is no chance to get your money back. Remember some cards are protected. Go to BBB and HUD websites for more info on this

May 06, 2009 06:15 PM
Bertha Eichstadt

I trusted Dyer Beech with my home, I even got out of protection of a Chapter 13 so loan modification proceedings could begin, it has been 3 mos and $2200 and I have not  heard anything, I have called their phone numbers and I only get a busy signal. I was dealing with a man named Kirk Haratani and Michael Vitale, I have received a letter of acceleration from the attorneys of the mortgage company and I have 30 days to respond. I started with a loan amount of $85,000 and now I owe $120,000 for the same mortgage. What can I do  now, I am about to loose my house of 32 years cause I trusted them and they assured me they would be able to cut my payments in half and bring the interest rate to 4%...what do I do now...just sit back and let them take my home away from me...unbelievable I never thought this would happen...

May 16, 2009 05:40 PM
Jeff Bates

People sue this company.  What the f**k are you waiting for.  This company made you lose your homes.  Go to the FBI and file a complaint of fraud. for them to file federal charges against Eric Rice (owner).   

May 17, 2009 02:15 PM
James Burns, Esq.

Unfortunately, the FBI does not persue nor do they have the resource for every fraud case unless there is a compelling violation of a federal law or the US Attorney's office deploys them for investigation.

A lawsuit may be available but I think the company went into bankruptcy and suing them without any opportunity to recover is like throwing good money after bad.

Many times people have allowed their own situation to fester to a high degree where failure is an open question because so many folks live above their means and were never meant to be in the size of home they currently have. Some folks need a wake-up call and should just short sale as the modification is a temporary fix if you have financial habits that got you in the bind...this assumes no loss of job that is temporary or serious illness which have always been reasons for a modification since the idea of a mortgage was created.

Jul 05, 2009 08:24 AM
M Abramson


Mr. Eric Rice---

I was recently disappointed with Dyer Beech for the following reasons:

I was told by your staff as well as the literature on your own web page some of the following things regarding your being able to expedite and negotiate (with insider negotiators) with my bank in order to obtain a modification of my loan. Please see the following letter from Mr. Palomino to me referencing his conversation with my financial advisor Kelly Monroe, as well as quoted statements from your web page:



Thu 11/20/08 10:44 AM


'Poetic Always' (poeticalways@hotmail.com)



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“It was a pleasure speaking with Kelly…she’s a smart cookie, tough…but definitely on her game.

Georgina (our negotiator with the WAMU inside contact) and I have gone over your letter and feel that it will work perfectly for what we are trying to do. It is difficult to give an exact timeframe on how long this will take. Given your scenario, it should not take more than 30 days but it can take up to 90.  It depends on how long it takes for WAMU to show the package and authorization in their system. Once you have all of your documents together, you can email, fax, or mail them to me. I will get it submitted that same day. Given the holiday next week I would encourage you to try to get it to me this week if possible. Please feel free to call or email me should you have any other questions.

Thanks again, and I am looking forward to working with you.”


The documents in question above were filled out by myself, sent to you, and were at WAMU by the end of November.



“You will be able to take advantage of our experienced staff of loan negotiators at Dyer Beech Financial.

When your package is submitted to Dyer Beech Financial, our underwriters will determine your best course of action. If your scenario falls within your bank's loan modification guidelines, it will be submitted for negotiations immediately.

  • Real time updates are forwarded to each member’s email address every time we speak to the bank.
  • Dyer Beech Financial has dedicated teams within many of the major banks who are dedicated specifically to deal with our members.

We believe that negotiating more affordable terms for our members will have a ripple effect on the entire economy for a number of reasons.

--Second, by negotiating more affordable terms for owners, banks are able to avoid the high cost of foreclosure AND gain confidence that the loans on their balance sheets will perform on a monthly basis. As a result, banks will become more and more confident in lending money, and more Americans will have the ability to purchase homes.”


After approximately 3 months time and having been told a loan had been negotiated for me and papers would be coming to me shortly, and they did not come, I began to get upset.

When I went to pay my March mortgage payment the bank refused to take it and told me to call the mortgage department which I did.

It was then that I reached Ann Livsey –the negotiator for my loan at WAMU and was told that she had never talked with or negotiated with anyone from Dyer Beech regarding my loan and in fact that neither Dyer Beech or I were able to partake in any negotiations regarding the modifications made to my loan. It was completely and unilaterally a decision of Chase Bank and its regulations.


This of course upset me even more and by now the time past was going on 4 months.

I believe I was definitely misled by your representatives as to what I was paying for and what was expected of you in terms of the expediting my loan and your “negotiations” in my behalf.


Your representative Diego Palomino was not very polite and told me the reason why my file had been put on hold (after the fact) was because I had not paid in full. I told him I would get back to him about that payment and left him a message the next day to call me but he never had the courtesy to call me back.


In addition you listed and itemized some of the following services which were included in your fees which were never needed nor used by me such as:

Educational materials    $159

Budgeting assistance     $79

Consultation with an attorney, CPA, and financial planner   $399

Credit repair & property tax reduction (CA tax refunds)       $719


As far as I’m concerned and from what I was told by your representatives and from your literature you did not fulfill the contract as I and others understood it. (Explanation above)

There is no doubt in my mind now as to why you failed, and rightly so as you deceived the public in to believing you could really negotiate with the banks in order to help them.

All you did was push paper. My $1800 dollars as well as $3600 dollars spent by others was money taken shamefully and deceptively from people during hard times.

Michael Abramson

Aug 04, 2011 05:34 AM
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