Loss Mitigation Firm Introduces H.E.L.P Now So You Can Play Later. Dyer Beech comes to your rescue

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Eric Rice, Founder and CEO of Dyer Beech, Levels the Foreclosure Playing Field with H.E.L.P (Homeowner Education for Lending Protection) Now SAN DIEGO--(Business Wire)-- In response to the existing foreclosure crisis, Dyer Beech has hit back with the advent of H.E.L.P Now, a powerful online tool that provides homeowners with the protection they need and the education they lack. "Knowledge is power," Eric Rice, CEO and Founder of Dyer Beech says. "With H.E.L.P Now, homeowners will finally have the knowledge and support they need to make correct decisions in the short and long term." A system that will apply online social networking to the needs of homeowners, H.E.L.P Now will build a community that shares similar situations, concerns and hopes for the future. In addition to members having access to the whole spectrum of services within the company, members will also be able to interface with each other, share thoughts and cultivate resources. Unlike other Loss Mitigation firms that focus strictly on short term solutions, Dyer Beech has synergized its loss mitigation services with a social network platform to enable homeowners with cutting edge services and continued knowledge. In addition, loss mitigation services will be offered to H.E.L.P Now members for free. These services include education seminars, tax and credit relief specialists, legal and CPA consultations, financial planning and grief consultation. "We were running into the same scenario," Eric says. "The less informed the homeowners were, the more problems they had with their lender." The answer was H.E.L.P Now, a system that covers all the bases under one banner. Eric adds: "People can't learn this in school. That's what we do here. I want to make sure people have some assurances in an industry that can't normally provide them.



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Welcome to Active Rain. This is a great forum to exchange ideas in these economic times. I believe everyone should look at all income steams as we enter a new paradigm. I have multiple income streams that I would not have thought I would look at or could do!


Oct 10, 2008 07:43 AM
Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
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We invite you back to ActiveRain in 2017.

  Much has changed since your last blog post.

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