When east meets west...Making sense in this market!

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Did you know that east never meets west???? They never meet.

In a geographical trick, though, there is a point in Alaska, Pochnoi Point in the Aleutians which is the farthest west you can go in the US. However, if you go just a bit farther west to Alaska's Amatignak Island, which because it is west of the 180th meridian which separates the Western and Eastern hemispheres you will be technically east of the rest of the U.S.  Therefore you will be in both the farthest point east and the fathest point west!    


Why am I bringing this trivia up?  Well some of us, myself included, forget that the markets are contrived; they are man-made.  And as such they are vulnerable.  Much of the current market crisis is a factor of fear.  With the lack of confidence, and wide-spread selling, this crisis is spreading faster than a virus in a closed room.  Markets are cyclical in nature; therefore it should come as no surprise that what goes up must come down.  Fear takes over when these drops occur.  People panic.  What to do?

One of my answers is to keep busy.  To continue your life just as you always have.  Don't give in to the fear and the negativism that is prevailing (turn off the TV---that is such a source of negative energy right now!) Remember that much as the media tries to tell you, east really never meets west.  Keep your sanity and your perspective! 

Have a happy day!

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Karen Anne Stone
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Rose:  I very much agree with you that it is primarily fear and the lack of confidence that is fueling the current mess in the stock markets.  Perhaps months and months ago... perhaps years ago... if it could have been caught early... it could have been turned around.  But confidence is now "shot."  I honestly and fearfully think that it will have to hit a very low "bottom" before things finally begin to turn around.  One thing I do know... and that is that we do not need Four More Years of this.  Thanks for sharing.

Oct 11, 2008 01:43 AM