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Beautiful Day!

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What a glorious day!  Started out by cruising downtown to grab breakfast at a really lovely specialty market...healthy (mostly eggs and fruit).  I put the top down because the fall breeze was fantastic as I grabbed some time hitting a few tennis balls. 

About mid-day I started a new coaching program geared toward increasing internet presence and being proactive in this very uncertain market,  I am accustomed to the effects of uncertainty on markets from my stockbroker days. 

Did some charity work and spent some time with my children in the afternoon.  I thought about doing some CE, but thought better of it since I think my funds could be better spent elsewhere at the moment.  My great assistant Jeffrey called me and that reminded me to implement a new practice of calling clients on a scheduled basis after their closings.  That idea came from a Rick Deluca event I attended about a month ago in Atlanta.  Since I had a closing yesterday, the schedule mandated a call for today.  My call found them painting the master closet and basking in the excitement of owning their home!

Got into one of my books a bit more today...The Answer...it is so fascinating that our brains are capable of such extraordinary tasks and how unbelievably complex they are.  We live in a wondrous time with access to information beyond our wildest dreams.  That is the key...are dreams need to be pure, targeted, focused, vivid, and for GOOD!


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