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                                                       1% CASH BACK TO ALL OUR BUYERS!!!!
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How would you like to get paid at closing for buying your dream home in New York? At REMAX IMPERIAL , we want you to get paid for your efforts in finding that dream home. By actively participating in the search for your home, you save us time and money, and we want to pass those savings to you!


Why do we do this? Because with the internet, the consumer is involved more than ever before. Much of the research time realtor's have used in the past have been reduced or is now done by the buyer before contact.


 Rebate Qualifications.


  • Register with us on this site.-Rebate are provided only for registered users of this site.
  • Buyer to obtain a letter of pre-qualification from lender of Buyer's choice, prior to viewing homes for sale.
  • Search for houses - It's easy to search for hosues for sale in our our web site with great tools to help you determine information about the house, city, schools, values, etc..., ;
  • House tour. Once you have narrowed down that list of potential homes to a reasonable number , we setup a time to show you the homes.
  • At closing, you will receive 1 % cash back to you.

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Department Of Justice


The Department of Justice is committed to preserving competition in the real estate industry through its competition advocacy efforts. Given that New York allows real estate brokers to provide rebates to consumers and to customize their real estate service offerings to meet their customers' needs, the Department of Justice has not advocated that New York change any of its real estate laws or regulations.


Letter from New York Department of State : Real Property Law Section 442 permits payment of rebates (02/06/2008)


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Comments (1)

Stephen Graham
Inactive - Atlanta, GA

Thanks for the pdf. I think many real estate professionals construe a buyer's rebate as a RESPA violation -- which it is not. The RESPA anti-rebate law was established to prevent rebates or referral fees amongst real estate professionals which ultimately drive up the cost of real estate transactions for consumers. Obviously, rebates or discounts to consumers have the opposite effect.

Note: Broker-to-Broker referral fees are exempt.

Oct 23, 2008 06:03 AM