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Last Sunday, October 6th, 2008, the Salt Lake Tribune ran a feature article on Lake Powell fishing and quoted Wayne Gustaveson heavily. Wayne G. has been a local fixture at Lake Powell for 33 years and writes not only a weekly article for our local Lake Powell Chronicle but has the awesome fishing resource page Wayne's Words. Wayne is the go-to guy here at Powell for fishing, and is the head biologist of the Lake Powell Project for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. The Tribune article was informative and made several great points.

  • It may be odd that a state employee runs a blog the size of Wayne's Words, but our visitors are the best fish management tool for a fishery the size of Powell.
  • The forage fish are what drive the Lake Powell system but there are plenty of predators. It's not politically correct to introduce more forage fish but we can control the population of the predators. With 3 million visitors a year - lets send each one home with a fish!
  • Spot fishing, especially for the "strippers" or striped bass, has been spotty recently, because they are full. A natural decline in forage fish should happen and by early next year the sport fishing should be on the rise as the "strippers" get hungry again.
  • In 1991 a 48 lb 11 oz Stripper was caught and is the State of Utah and Lake Powell record. (side note: I REMEMBER THAT!)

It is easy to see why OUTDOOR MAGAZINE rated Page Lake Powell in the Top Ten Places to Live

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For more information on Lake Powell Fishing an the weekly fishing forecast visit Wayne's Words The webpage includes a weekly report of action at the massive reservoir, photos from successful anglers and in-depth descriptions of useful techniques.

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