How do you get responses to your blogs?

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I just started blogging and answering blogs.  I answer blogs based on what interests me or if I have information that I think will assist, answer a question, or give advice from past experience. 

I have made about (don't laugh) 8 blogs.  I thought they were of interest and would get some response, however, none.  These blogs have to do with; "Safety for Realtors", "Knowing how to speak our language so people understand us", "Networking - needing it now more than ever", "Designations-why they are important", "Women's right to Vote" (not mine I just passed it along because it is important for all to know), "Should Sex Offenders Have Real Estate Licenses"and others.

Help!  I think I am wasting my time on this. Can you help me out?

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LS Rogers Realty
LS Rogers Realty - Richardson, TX

Hi CAROL. You don't look like you're posting to any groups. Edit your posts and submit to your groups and categories. Let me know if you have trouble and I'll walk you through it. Not that I'm an expert veteran or anything but it could help.

Oct 14, 2008 01:18 PM
Jessica Bigger
Bigger Communications - Reston, VA
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Carol - Trunda has some good points.  To add to that there are many blogs that give you a tremendous list of ideas on what to right with.  So start there first.  If you search for the term "blogging ideas" or "blog ideas" you should come up with some great ideas to write about.  Also like I had mentioned in a previous blog.  You need to write to different audiences each week.  The more you blog the better you will get and trust me you will learn from the masters.  Just don't give up.

2) Positive spins, positive stories seem to work the best.  Not that you have to stay positive in your writing all the time, believe me I didn't all the time, but remember what you write (even member's only posts) can be seen by anyone on the internet, even members only posts.

3) Reach out to other bloggers.  Subscribe to the ones you like, comment often and then if you think you can build a relationship then reach out by sending them an email or a quick phone call.   

I hope these tips help.  I have every faith you will do well.  It just takes a little time, and a lot of practice.  Good luck to you in the rain!  I'm looking forward to seeing you progress in this amazing community :)

Oct 15, 2008 09:48 AM