My Favorite Feedbacks!!!

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These are my favorite feedbacks from my most difficult listings!! I promise they are accurate and unedited! And as harsh as some of these feedbacks are - my sellers were totally unphased! So, here they are!

Property #1 (after $2,000 worth of staging, cleaning and repair):

Place has potential but is difficult to show. The kitchen was very dirty, dirty dishes, food boxes on counter, in the downstairs bedroom there was a rifle in plain view, (very easy for a child to get to) cigarette butts on the floors, various pieces of clothing/underwear all over the floor.

Clients did not even go upstairs. Home did not show well. It had the smell of cigarette smoke and really needs carpet cleaning and repainting. The grass in back was overgrown.

Great view. clients did not care for smell of smoke and cigarette burns in carpets. Needs paint touch ups and cleaning. Clients stayed there for showing and kids were jumping off second story into pool.

Hi Robyn, Not sure what to say....Home was very unkept and dirty. We do realize its a short sale. Being on the golf course is awesome...but I believe my client was creeped out with all the doors closed and not sure what we would find. Laundry everywhere. and a few bedside lamps were if someone was there...somewhere. creepy. Thank you for allowing me to show. I do not believe my client is interested.

This one fell out of their favorites today. Just does not show well. Price sure is looking favorable though. The reduction was necessary. Hope you don't need to go lower, but the carpet is bad, house smells so much like smoke, and the seller was present. It's got some promise, but not for my client, as they have put three others in Cinco higher on their list.

It was so smokey my people didn't even want to go upstairs.

Thanks for the oppportunith to show Robyn. We scheduled 10a-12noon 24 hours ago. The seller called and cancelled due to sleeping teenagers and we rescheduled for 12-2. We arrived at 12:40pm - the seller and family were still there making it tough to actually look at the home.

Great location on the golf course. No interest by this buyer due to interior condition.

Client did not like the condition of the home. Smelled like smoke. House smelled of smoke. Young men still sleeping at the time of the showing. Kitchen looked like something out of a fraternity house. Left immediately after we woke someone up sleeping in the master bedroom.

Nice backyard. Buyer did not like the color of tile, kitchen cabinets and thought the home was a bit run down- needed paint touch-ups and carpet cleaning. thanks,

Smelled like smoke, bannisters were sticky, carpet and paint worn, nice balcony overlooking pool and golf course.

Should've shown it when it was all cleaned up and staged. Buyers chose another. Looked too much maintenance to be done when I took them!

PROPERTY #2 (Where my client refused to tone down the metallic faux finished walls):

The house is very nice however my client and I were unable to view the entire home due to the fact that the owners had someplaces blocked off with pet gates and some of the doors apparently were locked. It was very unfortunate b/c my client really liked the home.

My client said they felt uncomfortable b/c it appeared that someone was home. This was definitely not the house for this buyer.

The interior of the house is just very unique in décor and will take a certain buyer. It was very dark and the faux finished walls are very “glitzy” and the dark brown and painted trim work and doors are not appealing to most people. So in my opinion, you have a far out location, interior unique, and the exterior needs some nice landscaping and color.

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