Market shows a surprise rise in home sales!!

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From BLOG!!!     What? Rise in home sales? Surprised?  Not if you've been reading my blogs!  Listen up friends!!!  The media cannot drive the housing market!  No matter how hard they try to tear it down, scare the pants off everyone, or make you want to just sale your home and move into a nice, big, roomy cardboard box!!!!  The market is controlled by just that....THE MARKET!  That's us folks!  We are the market!  We are the engine that drives the market!  Every single day we buy and sale homes!  We invest in the market every time we pay our mortgages, taxes, insurance!  Every time we go to the grocery store, buy gas, go out to eat, go to a movie, buy our kids clothes, toys!   Our pending home sales rose from July to August 7.4%!  The highest since June 2007!  Have you noticed any parting of the seas since congress stepped in and "rescued" the banking financial crisis?  I have...I've noticed the Dow has dropped an average of 500 points per week.  The global market has dropped by 10%!  Yep......we definitely need congress!  BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!  They need us!  We are and have been the greatest nation on earth since our inception over 200 years ago!  WHY?  Because of our people, our ingenuity, our work ethics, our values!!!   As for my business in this slit your wrist world of Real Estate!  Couldn't be better!!!  I work 50-60 hours per week.  I have buyers, sellers, closings all going on!  I just had to do what everyone else has had to do!  Be smart with my money!  Smart with my time!  Work a little harder, pray a little harder and BEG government to get out of my way!!!! You all are the greatest people on earth and I am blessed to be a part of this great lady that we call "AMERICA"!!!  She is such an inspiring nation!!!! Call me when your ready to sale your home for that move up into the cardboard box!!!!

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