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Beach trip



Guys & Girls,

Well, we just returned from our last trip to Destin/Miramar Beach for the summer and it was awesome. We were fortunate to spend the majority of September and the first weeks of October at this awesome beach. The first day we were there on Thursday, Sep 11th, the beaches were completely closed and the waves were probably 12 to 15 ft tall & covering the entire beach area. It was a sight to see! By Monday, Sept 15th, the beach was back to it's usual level prior to the hurricane that wiped out Galveston hundreds of miles away. The next few weeks were spectacular with sunsets to match. Our favorite time of year for the beach...fewer crowds, empty restaurants and great temperatures. We made our normal rounds....sunset at Seaside, drinks at the Red Bar, steak and lobster at Pandoras, movies at The Rave, salads at The Hard Rock, and of course, afternoon snacks at Pompano Joes.

How tempting to just stay down there and forget work and financial crisis. But, not yet. Maybe, someday, we can consider such a move but right now, business, family and commitments must be our priorities and besides if we moved down there full time it would not be as special anymore!


PS. The picture is of my granddaughter who absolutely LOVES the beach.


Bob Wall

Sun Real Estate, Inc.    


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