In this market you may have to sell your home below tax appraised value!

Real Estate Agent with CKR Properties, LLC

The current market is very sluggish as everyone knows.  It can easily take 6 months or longer to sell your home even when the agent is marketing, marketing, marketing!

Knowing this, you must have patience and be willing to lower the price at certain intervals, if necessary, in order to move to your next level of life.  If you have a good agent that is showing you they are working hard at this, it's not their fault, but the market's fault that it is taking so long.  So, changing agents at the end of a 6 month listing is not going to help you.  You must listen to your agent and be willing to overcome the objections with a price reduction if you want to move.

You'll have even more working against you if your home isn't updated and can't compete with the new styles, or if your home is totally cluttered and looks bad or if the location (backing to a busy busy street etc.) is not desirable.  Price overcomes all objections.

This type of market gives you the choice to lower your price, sell the house and move on with your life, or be adamant about the price you want and sit there for months, maybe paying a house payment, rent at another location and double utilities.  This also allows your home to become "stale on the market."  When your home is stale on the market the offers that finally come in are much lower, hurting you again.  When you hire a professional realtor to help you with this endeavor, listen to their advice.  This is a very ugly different market right now and the agents work in it everyday and try to pass on their insights and expertise to you.

The bright side to this is, after selling, when you go out to buy you'll most likely get a good deal from the next seller that has to price his home below tax appraised value to move it.  So, you lose some on one end and gain it on the other.

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