How Do You Use Technology to Get Leads?

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It's a known fact that rule #1 to being a successful agent is to obtain as many leads as possible.  It's also obvious that agents need to "think outside the box" and be creative and innovative when it comes to prospecting and gathering leads in today's market.

The traditional prospecting and lead-gathering methods of referrals, phone calls, door-knocking, open houses, etc. will always be valuable, but what other methods are you using to generate leads?  I suppose I should be a bit clearer when I ask, what types of technology are you using to gather leads? 

I suppose it's a good start that you are part of the Active Rain community, because that shows that you know the value of the Internet and how it relates to your business.  Active Rain is also a great marketing tool for networking, etc. 

Technology is so very important to our marketing and lead generation today - I am amazed when I meet agents that still do not have their own personal websites....I wonder how they survive.

So, I am curious - what other innovative methods of marketing and lead generation are being used out there?  Please share.... 

One of the "up-and-coming" marketing and lead generation tools is Mobile Marketing.  Mobile Marketing uses Text Messaging via Cell Phones for viewing property information and generating leads.  Let's face it - virtually EVERYONE has a cell phone and it's with them all the time - why not use it as a marketing tool?  Nielson Mobile, an independent research company just released information that the average cell phone subscriber between the ages of 25-49 sends & receives 357 text messages per month compared to 204 voice calls.  That sounds like OPPORTUNITY to me. 

I did the research and put together a great report on success with Mobile Marketing for Real Estate Professionals and I want to share it with everyone.  You can get it FREE at

Enjoy the report and let me know your thoughts.  I also want to know what other innovative methods of marketing and lead generation is being used out there. 

Thanks, Dan


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Oct 29, 2008 03:39 AM