The Cloister at Sea Island is listed in the 10 Best U.S. Resort....located on one of the Brunswick's Golden Isles

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The 10 Best U.S. Resorts includes The Cloister at Sea Island.  Sea Island is located in Glynn County and is one of Glynn County's Golden Isles.  The Cloister is located on a 10,000 acre island that is owned by the Sea Island Company and can be accessed by causeway from Sea Island. 

Originally named Long Island, Howard Coffin purchased Sea Island in 1928 and renamed it Sea Island.  Immediately, Coffin began construction on a lodge named "The Cloister" and the Plantation Golf Course.  Informally referred to as "Millionaire's Island", the land on the island was privately owned by some of the wealthiest families in the world - especially for industrialists of the era.  

(Overview of the Lodge at Sea Island).

The island was managed by Coffin's cousin, Bill Jones. When Coffin passed away in 1937, Sea Island was put in the hands of the very capable Bill Jones.    The island is still owned and operated by The Sea Island Company, presently chaired by Bill Jones, III.  The land on Sea Island is controlled privately, and public access is limited.


President Georgia Bush chose Sea Island to host the G8 Summit in June of 2004. 

 In late 2004, the Sea Island Company closed and rebuilt the famous Cloister Hotel. 

 A guard hut and gated entry were recently constructed on the causeway leading to Sea Island. Visitors and sightseers are no longer permitted; the entire island is now accessible only to homeowners, club members and guests of the resort. 

For an overview of Sea Island's history, visit their website at or view the pocket guide at

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