Logan's Day Out on Saint Simons Island....Labor Day Weekend in Brunswick and the Golden Isles of Georgia

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Logan has a day out on Saint Simons Island over the Labor Day Weekend.  Logan started by checking out a couple of the historical sites including the Saint Simons Island Lighthouse.

saint simons island lighthouse

Next Logan decides to take a look at the water with the Saint Simons Island Pier in the background.   

saint simons island pier 

There is a playground at the Saint Simons Islad Pier, so a quick trip down the slide looks like fun to Logan. 

saint simons island pier playground

You never know what you'll find on Saint Simons Island to do and see......Logan seems perplexed by this...

saint simons island

And of course, Logan can't go to Saint Simons without stepping out onto the sands of the beaches. 

saint simons island beach

Logan is wondering what is this guy doing on the beach.....bikes pulled by large kites? 

saint simons island

Well, it has been another fun and interesting day on Saint Simons and Logan is headed home for today but look forward to more days out with Logan.

Thanks Logan for all your hard work and Mom/Driver/Photographer Tiffany Graversen for all of her hard work.

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