Logan Visits Christ Church and the Wesley Memorial on Saint Simons of Georgia's Golden Isles

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Logan has been researching the history of Brunswick and the Golden Isles of Georgia.  There is nothing like bringing history to life by visiting Christ Church and the Wesley Memorial on Saint Simons Island.  Is rounds up his driver/photographer and heads to Saint Simons Island across the causeway and onto the Sea Island Causeway.  Logan enjoys the drive.saint simons roadway

First Stop....Christ Church, the second oldest Episcopal Church in the state of Georgia.  The location of Christ Church is where Charles Wesley and John Wesley originally ministered to the settlers and General James Oglethorpe.  The Christ Church Congration has origins back to 1776 when Saint Simons was first settled.

christ church

After Union Soldiers destroyed the original church built in 1820 during the civil war.   But in 1884, Anson Phelps Dodge, Jr. had the present building built. He built the church in memory of his wife Ellen whom he married in 1880 and took her on a round the world honeymoon that lasted for 3 years.  Ellen ate contaminated fruit in India and died Anson brought her back to Saint Simons to be buried.  Christ Church has an active congregation today. 

christ church

Logan took a walk across the street (he looked both ways before he crossed) to Woodland Walk and took the nature trail.

woodland walk

Woodland Walk takes you to the Wesley Memorial where you can view the Celtic Cross and beautiful gardens surrounding.   

celtic cross

This cross is a memorial for Charles Wesley and John Wesley who helped formed the Methodist Movement in America.

celtic cross

Logan takes a rest on the bench by the Celtic Cross while contemplating the history of Saint Simons Island. 


Logan's time is up for today but will be back to show us more of Brunswick and the Golden Isles of Georgia.  Thanks again to driver/photographer Mom Tiffany Graversen and hat's off to Logan, our guide to The Golden Isles of Georgia. 


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