What are you doing?

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So, in this "buyers" market, to sell a home, it is no longer the practice of just putting it on the MLS and waiting for a buyer.

Outside of listing it, what are you doing as a Realtor to attract potential buyers to your listings?

  1. Sign in yard
  2. Place on MLS
  3. Flyers (refilled as needed-hopefully...color.....a plus!)
  4. Open houses-if so, how often?

(If you can comment on the post then I can edit and add to this list) 

Does anyone talk over with the potential seller a detailed marketing plan when vying for a listing?

I want to personally list a home soon but I want someone to tell me how they are going to stand out from the crowd and help me sell my home faster and at a market rate (or close to).  I've asked a couple of realtors this and they had no plan for me other than put it on the MLS and maybe the three items I listed above. 

What makes a full service realtor stand apart from one of the flat fee listing services that are now offered?

Is that somewhat abnormal to ask or.......?


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