Inspiration is all around you #5

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POSSIBILITIES - Life's only limitations are the ones we make. 

What are my possibilities for today? 

Is it possible to succeed? 

Is it possible to fail? 

Unfortunately, many people work in a "job" that I would describe as boring. It doesn't make them bad people; it's just not what I choose to do. They punch the time clock at 9...Maybe clock out and then back in at lunch and then back out again at 5. 

In this business, we don't always know what the day holds for us. We don't have time clocks to punch, but we do make appointments. Those appointments are not always between 9 and 5 since a great number of the people we are trying to serve tend to work those hours. So, we sometimes get up early to meet with the 9 to 5'ers before they go to punch their time clocks, sometimes we meet them after work and sometimes we meet them on the weekends. 

Some of us choose to work from home and some choose to work from an office. I used to work from home, but found myself too distracted. I somehow always found stuff to do around the house and then didn't think I was working hard enough. 

Everyday is different. There are no constants. Some of us can choose to drive different ways to work, just to mix it up. We don't know what will happen today or tomorrow in our business or personal life, we only know that we need to be prepared to handle anything. I've been in this business long enough and had both good and bad things happen along the way...I'm prepared for most anything. 

We are fiercely independent and get to make many choices on our own. Sometimes these choices help us to succeed and sometimes they lead to failure. We all get knocked down form time to time, but it is important for us to get right back up and keep fighting the good fight. 

Do not place limitations on yourself. When you get knocked down, do not let yourself get down for too long. When someone tries to rain on your parade, tell them to buzz off. Remain independent, do not place limits on what you can accomplish and the possibilities will be much greater for success!

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Vickie Slade
Colorado Landmark, Realtors - Boulder, CO
Service You Can Trust ~ Someone You Can Depend On

Jeffrey,  great post.   It is different working from a home office and being independent.  You can get easily distracted, but if you are driven, it is also sometimes hard to know when to shut off the computer, set the PDA and cell phone aside and enjoy some personal and quiet time with the family.


Thanks for posting this though, good information.

Oct 14, 2008 02:07 PM
Tony DeLuke
Markley Realty - Cuyahoga Falls, OH


    Great post! I agree with you and Vickie. Working at a home office is great, but you have to be disciplined. Take care!

Oct 14, 2008 02:27 PM
Jeffrey Markell
Markor Mortgage, Inc. - Newport Beach, CA

Vickie - The ying and the yang of working from home. Close to the family, yet sometimes wondering when to shut down. I know that feeling too.

Tony - Discipline is a wonderful trait. I think I have tremendous discipline in many areas of my life; working from home was not one of them.

Oct 14, 2008 05:00 PM
Sasha Miletic - Windsor Real Estate
RE/MAX Preferred Realty Ltd. - Windsor, ON

Hi Jeffrey, Good post. Thanks for sharing this. Keep posting best.

Best - Sash

Oct 16, 2008 01:36 AM