The Cheapest Gas Price In Austin...For Today $2.59 a Gallon!!!

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My 2006 VW Passat was running low on gas a few days ago and I passed a station on Cesar Chavez In East Austin that said $2.79 and and I was like, wow, I'm going to fill up there, however, time was slipping away so I decided to come back another time. And lo and behold, 2 days later it's now $2.59!! The Major Brand Gas store is a big yellow building with American flags on top of it. I waited in line about 7 minutes for my turn in line (there were quite a few cars already there) and then it was my turn. It felt so good to spend less than $45 to fill my tank, when just months ago I was spending over $60 of my hard earned cash. The VW is great on gas mileage, it gets about 26-33 MPG. Take note of this website and check your neighborhood for the cheapest gas. I posted my find today and it's currently the least expensive gas in Austin right now. The 2 other stations that beat it are in Taylor.

In fact, while my car was in the shop recently getting repaired, I decided to buy a Scooter to run errands around town in. It was one of the best investments I've ever made. I took that Scooter back to the same station to fill up and it cost me $5.44, yes, that's right, just over $5. It's a 2-gallon tank. And it gets 80-85 MPG. The Austin American Statesman newspaper had a great article on scooters in Austin recently, here is the link.

I just joined a Scooter club here in Austin but haven't had time to go for a long-distance ride yet due to work. I'm not complaining, it's great that I live in one of the few towns in America with a strong real estate market. Check my website at for the latest listings. So if you're one of my clients and you want to go see some homes on my Scooter instead of my VW, I won't mind...

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