Green On Budget!!

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Green On Budget!!!

Ways to save money for homeowners or future buyers.

· Switch to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. Even changing just the five most frequently-used bulbs in your house can save you $100 or more per year!

· Install low-flow shower heads or place a water-displacement bag in your toilet tank to cut down on water waste.

· Buy local produce. This cuts down on paper and plastic packaging waste and also reduces the amount of fossil fuels used in the transportation of products.

· Set your thermostat to 78° or higher in the summer and 62° or lower in the winter to save $100 or more on your energy bill each year.

· Drive less by walking, biking or taking the bus. Initiate a carpool for trips to and from work, school or other activities.

· Utilize power strips and cut down on "vampire electricity," which is the electricity used while appliances and electronics are plugged into an outlet, but not in use. By flipping the "off" switch on a power strip, you'll quickly put a stop to this.

· Incorporate native plants into your yard. They're more adapted to local soil and climate and will thrive with minimal care - meaning less water, fertilizer and pesticides used for maintenance.

· Let your grass grow. Most varieties fare best at two and a half inches tall, absorbing more sunlight and creating thicker turf, meaning less water needed for your lawn.

· Do full loads of laundry and dishes as a way to save gallons of wasted water every week. And use cold water whenever possible

Please contact me today for a list of ways you can save!

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